Veterans’ Memorial Walk

Stretching along a panoramic hillside in beautiful Elings Park, between the vitality of the sports fields below and the serene picnic grounds above, the Veterans Memorial is poignant and lyrical in design. It evokes awareness in us of the tremendous sacrifices made for the many by the few.

The Memorial Walk is a 1500-foot, tree-lined, landscaped walkway along which lie ten large marble and sandstone year-markers, beginning with 1962. Each marker is engraved with the names of the soldiers who gave their lives that year in Vietnam. At the last marker, 1973, the walkway continues on to the Terrace of Remembrance, where the names of the rest of the servicemen and women who lost their lives in other wars are displayed around a large stainless steel world globe. A total of 463 Santa Barbara County soldiers lost their lives while serving in the following conflicts: Lebanon, 1; Vietnam, 98; Korea, 34; Second World War, 258; First World War, 69; Spanish-American War, 1; Civil War, 2.

The Only Prominent Memorial in Santa Barbara County

Since 1986 more than 5,000 people have helped in the building of The Santa Barbara County Veterans Memorial Walk and Terrace of Remembrance. They have raked, dug, shoveled, planted and hauled. Volunteers, including local veterans, their friends, families and neighbors, have given their time, their sweat and their savings to create this important memorial.

What started as a concept of having a living memorial of trees to celebrate the lives of the 98 county Vietnam Veterans who perished in that war, grew in scope to include all fallen service men and women from Santa Barbara who died in all wars dating back to the Civil War.

Dedicated on Veterans’ Day 1997

The completed memorial stands as a legacy to all of Santa Barbara for generations to come. It is for families to remember their loved ones; for children, students and immigrants to learn what sacrifices were made to keep our American way of life. It is for all of us, now and forever, never to forget those whose names we display.

For all of those in the community who contributed to the completion of the Memorial, and who have supported the Park, The Veterans Memorial Committee and The Elings Park Foundation are deeply grateful.