Chairman’s Council Party

cc party

The Elings Park Foundation invites you to the 27th Annual

Chairman’s Council Party 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Party is a great opportunity to become a member of the Elings Park Foundation’s 2018 Chairman’s Council and receive exclusive membership benefits, a $1,200 value that includes:
  • Two tickets to the Chairman’s Council Party
  • A  family tennis membership at the Las Positas Tennis Courts
  • An off leash (EPDOG) dog walking membership.
  •  A 2018 parking pass.
  • Complimentary reservation of a picnic venue. (subject to availability)
  •  Reservation  or  scholarship this year for one camper  at  Camp Elings (one session )
These are great reasons to make a generous donation of $1,000 or more to the to Chairman’s Council! Your gift not only sustains our operations, but makes it possible to fund capital improvements that will rejuvenate the Park’s facilities.
The theme for this year’s party is “Heroes of the Park”. The Foundation will honor and celebrate the contributions of individuals, families, and organizations that were critical to the park’s development: The Castagnola Family (Softball/Baseball complex), Cappello Family (Pavilion and Playground), Fenton G. Davison (Picnic Area), the Battistone Foundation (Parking Lots) and the Santa Barbara Softball Club, Santa Barbara Foundation, Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation (Field Lighting and Development).
  • $125 per ticket to attend the party
  • $1,000 Chairman’s Council Membership

Join the Chairman’s Council

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Singleton Pavilion, Elings Park