Park Hours

Current Park Hours are 7am-7:30pm. This allows all of our two legged and four legged park guests to safely find their way to their cars, bikes or neighborhood gates with some daylight. We will continue to adjust closing times as the sunsets change. We appreciate your support.

Park Hours are 7:00 AM to 7:30PM. Closing time changes based on Sunset time.
Park is CLOSED on December 25 (Christmas Day).
Saturdays and Sundays park entry/parking fee: $5 per day, per car.

Smoking is not permitted at the Park, including the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping.

No overnight parking of vehicles is allowed. Violators will be towed away at vehicle owner’s expense.

Business Use of Park or Facility

Elings Park provides people with places to connect to the natural environment and to recreate. With that understood, at times there are opportunities for businesses to use Elings Park properties that enhance the user experience or fulfill a community need.

Business operations include, but are not limited to: sale, rental or promotion of merchandise or service; the provision of a paid service or program. Such examples could be:

  • Sales meeting
  • Fitness class
  • Personal sports coach
  • Arts and crafts class
  • Commercial film shoot
  • Park concessionaire
  • Business reception
  • Athletic leagues
  • Kids Camp
  • Product demonstrations
  • Animal training
  • Billboarding or featuring wrapped and/or logo-ed vehicles on property
  • Solicitation of clients
  • Food booth at an event

Get Started: Business Park Rental Instructions

In order for a business to operate in or on Elings Park property, a business must request permission from the Elings Park Foundation and be properly permitted for the activity.

Please follow the steps below to get started.

1. Review the criteria under which a business may operate on Elings Park property.A business may operate on Elings Park property under the following scenarios:

  • The business is contracted with the Elings Park to provide a special service such as public safety or information.
  • The business operation is approved through a lease agreement.
  • The business has reserved a Elings Park facility or park to provide a one-time service or activity to invited guests.
  • The business wishes to operate a scheduled or programmed activity to invited guests (recreation program, camp, fitness, instructional class). 

2.Review the criteria that the Elings Park will use to make a decision on approval.Requests for reserved or permitted park use, whether commercial, not-for-profit or private will be based on the following criteria:

  • The proposed activity does not conflict with other public park uses, impede care and maintenance of the park, detract from general park visitor use or enjoyment or directly compete with
  • Elings Park operated or contracted program
  • The activity is being provided to invited guests only
  • Elings Park rules, regulations and processes have been abided to in the past
  • There are no outstanding fees or charges
  • Elings Park will approve all marketing or public-relations materials that mention the Park

3.Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Signed lease agreement with rental fees
  • Audited financials for annual business permittees
  • Hold harmless agreement
  • Insurance naming Elings Park as Additional Insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 coverage
  • Letters of recommendation and references


Elings Park is a public resource managed by the Elings Park Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization, which has always sustained the park’s operations from user fees, grants and donations, without government subsidy. The Foundation depends on public support of the EPDOG program and membership fees. The Elings Park Dog Owners Group (EPDOG) is a partnership between dog owners and Elings Park. It is a membership program that provides members and their dogs the ability to enjoy the entire park “off or “on” leash”. The following rules, conditions and restrictions seek to ensure that dog owners and other park users are compatible and safe. Failure to comply with the following rules may result in the revocation of an EPDOG membership.

Membership Rules:

  •  All autos MUST STOP at the Main Gate Kiosk to show Elings Park Staff their current EPDOG Membership Lanyard before entering the Park.
  • Maintain control of your dog(s) at all times whether “on” or “off leash.” Members are responsible for their dogs’ behavior and actions whenever they are in the Park.
  • All dogs must comply with City of Santa Barbara Municipal Code 6.08.020 Animals Running at Large and Grazing Prohibited – Exception – Nuisance.
  • All dogs must have a current EPDOG registration tag attached to their collar whenever on Park property.
  • Follow posted instructions and obey verbal requests made by staff and volunteers regarding Elings Park’s management and use.
  • Avoid all scheduled events, activities and competitions, especially wedding venues and athletic fields when events are occurring. Remove dogs from athletic fields as soon as a scheduled activity commences. Dog owners may use other areas of the Park during those times.
  • Clean up after your pet. Mutt Mitts are provided for your convenience throughout the Park.
  • Prevent dogs from digging or damaging Park property; Avoid picnic areas and playgrounds.
  • Keep off all athletic fields when they are wet. Obey field closure signs.
  • Always have one leash per dog in hand at all times to insure the safety of your pet. (Even when a dog is off-leash)
  • Keep dogs on leash in all parking lots and roads. Do not allow dogs to chase vehicles.
  • Overly aggressive dogs that bite other dogs or people are not permitted in the Park and may have their membership revoked.
  •  ALL EPDOG Members MUST have their Current EPDOG Lanyard with them at all times to present to Park Hosts and Staff upon request.
  •  Please keep dogs away from maintenance operations and employees.
  • All dog bites/attacks on humans will be reported to Animal Control Division of the Santa Barbra Police Department.
  • Memberships are limited to 3 dogs per person.
  • Please wear your current EPDOG lanyard for other members and Elings Park Host can identify you as an EPDOG member.
  • Elings Park reserves the right to revoke memberships as Elings Park management sees fit at any time.
  • All dogs must have a valid county/city license and proof of current rabies vaccine to enroll in the EPDOG program.

Dog Owners Code of Conduct:
The Elings Park Foundation will not tolerate the following behavior:

(a) abusive display of temper,

(b) loud or threatening language,

(c) profanity,

(d) obscene language or gestures; or,

(f) any behavior that could jeopardize the safety of a person/dog or result in damage to property. The Foundation will enforce a “zero tolerance” of any physical violence. All dog owners engaging or in any way participating in a physical altercation will have their memberships revoked.