Elings Park Electric Flyers

The Santa Barbara Radio Control Modelers (SBRCM) is a club that promotes the hobby of model aviation in a safe and enjoyable manner. If you wish to fly your RC plane at Elings Park South, you must be a member of SBRCM, and register at Elings Park. Please come by the Park’s administrative office with proof of your valid SBRCM membership to register.

For more information contact:

Bill Hallier

Safety Officer
Dale Byers

Website: www.sbrc.org

For members:

Please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure the continued availability of this flying site. Noise and safety are the primary issues of concern. These guidelines, and common sense courtesy, will provide an enjoyable and safe experience for all.

  1. You must be a paid up member of the Santa Barbara Radio Control Modelers Club (SBRCM), “Elings Park Electric Flyers” or a guest of a club member; AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) membership is required to provide liability insurance for modeling activities.
  2. Electric powered aircraft and gliders only. Ducted fans or other high RPM (loud) electrics are prohibited at this site. If there is any chance that adjacent homeowners will hear your model, do not fly.
  3. No over-flight of spectators or other assembled groups.
  4. Hang gliders and paragliders have priority usage of this site and the right of way at all times. Do not encroach upon the airspace or landing area that is being used by the hang gliders and paragliders. A spotter is required for each RC pilot during hang glider operations to ensure that the RC pilot maintains safe separation from all airborne hang gliders. RC flying should be suspended at the lower site when hang gliders or paragliders are airborne.
  5. Only 2.4 GHz radios may be used to ensure there is no frequency conflict.
  6. No drones allowed.