Sheep and Serenity

It turns out that counting sheep may be a wonderful daytime activity, too. Our flock should be up on the Elings Park South Bluffs for another seven days (appetite and weather dependent) doing fire control and weed abatement (thank you, #CuyamaLamb!).

If you do stop by for a few moments of outdoor bliss, please note how well the flock works together. In order for the Elings Park to remain available as a stress-reducing oasis, let’s do the same:

Trails: We are creating circular routes up and down our bluffs to keep folks from having to squeeze past each other on trails. Let’s also keep our selves well-spaced when walking!

Group Size: Please come in your home/shelter groups.

Parking: We have parking spots in many areas. Please social distance your car, too.

Be Courteous but not Shy: Please point out directional signage to first time visitors.

Passive Use Only: Our organized sports are postponed. However, please make use of our 230 acres (roughly 3x the size of Disneyland!) to keep your distance while you walk, hike, etc.

Restrooms are Currently Closed Pending Availability of Proper Cleaning Materials

Playgrounds: Playgrounds and sliding hill are closed.

Dogs: Please enjoy other dogs at a distance.

EPDOG Renewals: Need to renew or begin an EPDOG membership for your pup? Please contact Marinella Baker at to set one up.

We are monitoring state, county and city updates daily.

Thanks for your cooperation!


Dean Noble

Executive Director