Elings Park is a non-profit organization and all of your donations go directly into keeping it open and available to our community.

Elings Park is a hub for youth and families to connect to the healing powers of nature.  We touch the lives of over 200,000 visitors annually in incredibly diverse ways.  On a given day, you will see every type of outdoor activity imaginable including weddings, memorials, dog walkers, team sports, paragliding, bikers, bird watchers, artists and many more.  The Park is 230 acres and it is open 14 hours a day for 363 days per year.  In a time where governments are cutting back, Elings Park is doing amazing things with only three administrative and four maintenance staff.

We could not operate without your continuing support and your volunteer effort. Please consider helping us maintain and improve your favorite area of the Park.  We will manage your contributions wisely.

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