Thursday Co-Ed

Fall 2018 | Thursday Co-Ed Champion: Team Regalados

1 – Teasers Geezers
2 – The Sandlot Sluggers
3 – Scared Hitless
4 – SOB’s

DATEField 1 at 6:30PMField 1 at 7:40PM
May 30Teasers Geezers 20 vs. The Sandlot Sluggers 6Scared Hitless 17 vs. SOB's 9
Jun 6Teasers Geezers 13 vs. Scared Hitless 21The Sandlot Sluggers 6 vs. SOB's 23
Jun 13Scared Hitless 4 vs. The Sandlot Sluggers 6Teasers Geezers 16 vs. SOB's 15
Jun 20SOB's 1 vs. Scared Hitless 16The Sandlot Sluggers 2 vs. Teasers Geezers 17
Jun 27SOB's vs. The Sandlot Sluggers Scared Hitless vs. Teasers Geezers
Jul 11The Sandlot Sluggers vs. Scared Hitless SOB's vs. Teasers Geezers
Jul 18Teasers Geezers vs. The Sandlot Sluggers SOB's vs. Scared Hitless
Jul 25Scared Hitless vs. Teasers Geezers The Sandlot Sluggers vs. SOB's
Aug 1Teasers Geezers vs. Scared HitlessSOB's vs. The Sandlot Sluggers
Aug 8Scared Hitless vs. SOB's The Sandlot Sluggers vs. Teasers Geezers
Aug 151 vs. 42 vs. 3
Aug 22championship
2Teasers Geezers3144
4The Sandlot Sluggers1364
1Scared Hitless3129

5 minutes grace period first game only.
Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!