Thursday Co-Ed

Fall 2019 | Thursday Co-Ed Champion: Team Bayou

1 – Bayou
2 – Practically Pros
3 – Snatch
4 – Down for Whatever
5 – Pitch Betta Have My Money
6 – The Bomb-Ombers
7 – Trader Joemies

Please check schedule of games weekly for updates

DATEField 1 at 6:30PMField 1 at 7:40PMField 1 at 8:50PMBYE
2/6Bayou 12 vs Practically Pros 8Snatch 1 vs Down for Whatever 19Pitch Betta 2 vs The Bomb-Ombers 19Trader Joemies
2/13Trader Joemies 6 vs Pitch Betta 18Bayou 14 vs Down for Whatever 12Practically Pros 9 vs The Bomb-Ombers 15 Snatch
2/20Bayou 5 vs The Bomb-Ombers 11Practically Pros 21 vs Trader Joemies 5Pitch Betta 2 vs Snatch 17Down for Whatever
2/27Pitch Betta 12 vs Down for Whatever 29The Bomb-Ombers 19 vs Trader Joemies 3Snatch 16 vs Practically Pros 7Bayou
3/5The Bomb-Ombers 6 vs Snatch 17Practically Pros 7 vs Down for Whatever 15 Trader Joemies 4 vs Bayou 21Pitch Betta
3/12Down for Whatever 3 vs Trader Joemies 2Pitch Betta vs Practically Pros
game postponed due to rain
Snatch vs Bayou
game postponed due to rain
The Bomb-Ombers
season cancelled
4Practically Pros
1Down for Whatever4136
5Pitch Betta Have My Money1371
1The Bomb-Ombers4136
6Trader Joemies582

5 minutes grace period first game only.
Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!