Tuesday Intermediate Co-Ed

2019 Spring | Intermediate Co-Ed Champions: Team FTI

1 – Hit & Run
2 – Topps Rameners
3 – FTI
4 – On Deck OG
5 – Terra Firma

Please check game schedule weekly for updates

DATEField 2 at 6:30 PMField 2 at 7:40PMBYE
2/4Hit & Run 15 vs Topps Rameners 2FTI 16 vs On Deck OG 1Terra Firma
2/11Hit & Run vs 21 On Deck OG 9FTI 16 vs Terra Firma 3Topps Rameners
2/18Terra Firma 23 vs On Deck OG 22Topps Rameners 12 vs FTI 22Hit & Run
2/25On Deck OG 6 vs Topps Rameners 24Hit & Run 15 vs Terra Firma 20FTI
3/3Topps Rameners vs Terra Firma FTI vs Hit & Run On Deck OG
3/10On Deck OG vs FTI Topps Rameners vs Hit & Run Terra Firma
3/17Terra Firma vs FTI On Deck OG vs Hit & Run Topps Rameners
3/24FTI vs Topps Rameners On Deck OG vs Terra Firma Hit & Run
3/31Terra Firma vs Hit & Run Topps Rameners vs On Deck OG FTI
4/7Hit & Run vs FTITerra Firma vs Topps RamenersOn Deck OG
4/145 vs 4winner vs 13 vs 2
field 2 at 8:50pm

2Hit & Run331
4Topps Rameners1243
5On Deck OG484
3Terra Firma2153

5 minutes grace period first game only.
Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!