Wednesday Lower Co-Ed

2018 Fall | Wednesday Lower Co-Ed Champions: HSC

1 – AVM
2 – SOBs
3 – Goleta Gobers
4 – HD2
5 – Baller Insights
6 – Saved by the Ballz
7 – Regalados

DATEField 2 at 6:30 PMField 2 at 7:40 PMField 2 at 8:50pmBYE
Jan 23AVM 22 vs. SOBs 4Goleta Goobers 6 vs. HD2 20Baller Insights 14 vs. Saved by the Ballz 20Regalados
Jan 30Regalados 19 vs. Baller Insights 8AVM 18 vs. HD2 17SOBs 16 vs. Saved by the Ballz 13Goleta Goobers
Feb 6AVM vs. Saved by the Ballz
game cancelled
SOBs vs. Regalados
game cancelled
Baller Insights vs. Goleta Goobers
game cancelled
Feb 13Baller Insights vs. HD2
game cancelled
Saved by the Ballz vs. Regalados
game cancelled
Goleta Goobers vs. SOBs
game cancelled
Feb 20Saved by the Ballz 24 vs. Goleta Goobers 10SOBs 5 vs. HD2 24Regalados 19 vs. AVM 18 Baller Insights
Feb 27 HD2 vs. RegaladosBaller Insights vs. SOBs Goleta Goobers vs. AVM Saved by the Ballz
Mar 6AVM vs. Baller Insights Regalados vs. Goleta Goobers HD2 vs. Saved by the Ballz SOBs
Mar 13HD2 vs. Goleta Goobers Saved by the Ballz vs. Baller Insights SOBs vs. AVM Regalados
Mar 20Baller Insights vs. SOBs HD2 vs. AVM Regalados vs. Goleta Goobers Goleta Goobers vs. Regalados
Field 1 at 7:30PM
Mar 27AVM vs. Saved by the Ballz SOBs vs. RegaladosBaller Insights vs. Goleta Goobers HD2
Apr 3Baller Insights vs. HD2Saved by the Ballz vs. RegaladosGoleta Goobers vs. SOBs
Apr 105 vs. 43 vs. 67 vs. 2
Apr 17winner [5 vs. 4] vs. 1
winner [3 vs. 6] vs. winner [7 vs. 2]championship
6Goleta Goobers244
5Baller Insights239
1Saved by the Ballz337

5 minutes grace period first game only.

Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!