Wednesday Lower Co-Ed

2019 Spring | Wednesday Lower Co-Ed Champions: Saved by the Ballz

1 – Goleta Goobers
2 – NALS
3 – AVM
4 – Eat Our Cleats
5 – Here 4 Beer
6 – We All Got Issues – WAGI
7 – Regalados

DATEField 2 at 6:30 PMField 2 at 7:40 PMField 2 at 8:50pmBYE
May 29Goleta Goobers 10 vs. NALS 8AVM 18 vs. Eat Our Cleats 4Here 4 Beer 10 vs. WAGI 21Regalados
Jun 5Regalados 18 vs. Here 4 Beer 8Goleta Goobers 13 vs. Eat Our Cleats 12NALS vs. WAGI
Jun 12Goleta Goobers 16 vs. WAGI 15NALS 4 vs. Regalados 26Here 4 Beer 12 vs. AVM 18Eat Our Cleats
Jun 19Here 4 Beer 14 vs. Eat Our Cleats 13WAGI 13 vs. Regalados 15AVM 21 vs. NALS 4Goleta Goobers
Jun 26Goleta Goobers vs. AVM Regalados vs. Goleta Goobers NALS vs. Eat Our CleatsHere 4 Beer
Jul 3Eat Our Cleats vs. Regalados Here 4 Beer vs. NALS AVM vs. WAGIGoleta Goobers
Jul 10Regalados vs. AVM Goleta Goobers vs. Here 4 BeerEat Our Cleats vs. WAGI NALS
Jul 17Eat Our Cleats vs. AVM WAGI vs. Here 4 Beer NALS vs. Goleta Goobers Regalados
Jul 24WAGI vs. NALS Eat Our Cleats vs. Goleta Goobers Regalados vs. Here 4 BeerAVM
Jul 31WAGI vs. Goleta Goobers Here 4 Beer vs. AVM NALS vs. Regalados Eat Our Cleats
Aug 7Eat Our Cleats vs. Here 4 Beer Regalados vs. WAGIAVM vs. NALS Goleta Goobers
Aug 14AVM vs. Regalados Goleta Goobers vs. Eat Our Cleats NALS vs. WAGI
Aug 215 vs. 4winner (5 vs. 4) vs. 13 vs. 6
Aug 287 vs. 2winner ( 7 vs. 2) vs. winner ( 3 vs. 6)championship
Sep 4
3Goleta Goobers335
6Eat Our Cleats345
5Here 4 Beer1370
4We Got Issues1241

5 minutes grace period first game only.

Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!