Wednesday Intermediate Co-Ed

2019 Summer | Wednesday Intermediate Co-ed Champion: Breaktime Worldwide

1 – Biohazards
2 – Throwing Together
3 – Ball Smashers
4 – Breaktime Worldwide
5 – Relaxi Taxi
6 – Scared Hitless

DATEField 3 at 6:30PMField 3 at 7:40PMField 3 at 8:50PM
Sep 18Biohazards 11 vs Throwing Together 12Ball Smashers 11 vs Breaktime 13Relaxi Taxi 8 vs Scared Hitless 17
Sep 25Ball Smashers 15 vs Relaxi Taxi 3Throwing Together 12 vs Scared Hitless 19Biohazards 15 vs Breaktime 9
Oct 2Biohazards 19 vs Scared Hitless 10Breaktime 15 vs Relaxi Taxi 4Ball Smashers 10 vs Throwing Together 14
Oct 9Throwing Together 5 vs Breaktime 20Scared Hitless 2 vs Ball Smashers 14Relaxi Taxi 8 vs Biohazards 29
Oct 16Scared Hitless vs Breaktime Relaxi Taxi vs Throwing Together Ball Smashers vs Biohazards
Oct 23Scared Hitless vs Relaxi Taxi Throwing Together vs Biohazards Breaktime vs Ball Smashers
Oct 30Relaxi Taxi vs Ball Smashers Breaktime vs Biohazards Scared Hitless vs Throwing Together
Nov 6Throwing Together vs Ball Smashers Biohazards vs Scared Hitless Breaktime vs Relaxi Taxi
Nov 135 vs 4winner (5 vs 4) vs 1xxxx
Nov 203 vs 6winner (3 vs 6) vs 2
5Throwing Together2260
3Ball Smashers2232
1Breaktime Worldwide3135
6Relaxi Taxi476
4Scared Hitless2253

5 minutes grace period first game only.

Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!