The Early Phases of Development

elings-parkIn March of 1968, the Joint Park Development Committee determined that Phase I of the Park’s development would be the Tennis Court Complex, which was completed and opened to the public in September of 1972, at a cost of approximately $320,000. In January of 1974 an additional 8.71 acres of school property adjacent to the Park became available and was acquired by the Development Committee, increasing the size of the original Park to approximately 105 acres.

In March of 1977, the City Parks and Recreation commissions approved the development of Las Positas Park into a “major sports and recreation complex” and the Santa Barbara City Council concurred with the recommendation of Parks and Recreation, as did the County Board of Supervisors.

In 1980, after years of persuasion by Jerry Harwin, the Max C. Fleischmann Foundation donated nearly $2 million dollars for Phase II development and the Park as we know it today began to take shape. The Las Positas Park Foundation received non-profit status in July of 1980. The Board of Directors was chartered and Jerry Harwin elected as the first president of the Board of Directors of the Las Positas Park Foundation.

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