Tuesday Co-Ed

2019 Fall |  Tuesday Lower Co-Ed Champions: Topp Rameners

Co-ed Softball Supplemental Rules

1 – Bad News Brewzers
2 – Reynaldo’s
3 – Up for Anything
4 – FTI
5 – On Deck OG
6 – Benchwarmers
7 – Sotally Tober
8 – Short of Breath SOB
9 – Scared Hitless

Please check schedule of games weekly for updates

DATEField 1 6:30PMField 1 7:40PMField 2 6:30PM Field 2 7:40PMBYE
3/16Sottaly Tober 19 vs SOB 7On Deck OG 13 vs Bench Warmers vs 12Bad News 13 vs Reynaldo's 9Up for Anything 20 vs FTI 8Scared Hitless
3/26Up for Anything 18 vs SOB 3Reynaldo's 13 vs Bench Warmers 6 Sottaly Tober 12 vs Scared Hitless 11FTI 20 vs Bad News 19On Deck OG
3/30FTI 21 vs SOB 2On Deck OG 23 vs Sottaly Tober 13Bad News 16 vs Bench Warmers 4Up for Anything 21 vs Scared Hitless 6Reynaldo's
4/6FTI 14 vs Scared Hitless 12SOB 9 vs Bad News 36Up for Anything 22 vs On Deck OG 9Reynaldo's 20 vs Sottaly Tober 8Bench Warmers
4/13SOB 7 vs Scared Hitless15Sottaly Tober 16 vs Bench Warmers 4FTI 6 vs On Deck OG 23Reynaldo's 15 vs Up for Anything 24Bad News
4/20Bad News 21 vs Scared Hitless 12On Deck OG 18 vs SOB 8Reynaldo's 16 vs FTI 27Bench Warmers 13 vs Up for Anything 25Sottaly Tober
4/27SOB 11 vs Reynaldo's 13Scared Hitless 15 vs On Deck OG 14Bench Warmers 2 vs FTI 14Sottaly Tober 13 vs Bad News 19Up for Anything
5/4Up for Anything 11 vs Sottaly Tober 8SOB 13 vs Bench Warmers 20Scared Hitless 9 vs Reynaldo's 8Bad News 20 vs On Deck OG 19FTI
5/11Scared Hitless vs Bench Warmers vs Sottaly Tober vs FTIOn Deck OG vs Reynaldo'sUp for Anything vs Bad NewsSOB
5/188 vs 96 vs 75 vs 4winner (8 vs 9) vs 13 vs 2
Field 8:50PM
5/25championship lowerchampionship upper

2Bad News Brewzers6186
1Up for Anything762
4On Deck OG4396
8Bench Warmers16110
5Sotally Tober3495
6Scared Hitless3497

5 minutes grace period first game only.
Must start with 8 players (3 Women and 3 Men in Co-Ed). NO EXCEPTIONS!